The Belgian rolling mill in Duffel (near Antwerp) will continue to operate as from June 14 under the
ownership of American Industrial Partners (AIP).
The history of Aluminium Duffel dates back to 1946, when the Feron family founded the aluminium
rolling mill. Today they are a European leader in the manufacturing of aluminium rolled products for
diverse industries worldwide, including Architecture & Design and ABS (Automotive Body Sheet). It is
the company’s ambition to be a leading sustainable rolling mill who offers low carbon aluminium
products to his customers.

Geert Vannuffelen, General Manager of the Duffel mill says: “Today marks a milestone in our
company’s history. We are looking forward to proceed under the new ownership of AIP, who is
committed to a sustainable future for our company. We are convinced of a good cooperation between
both parties and we are positive about the first steps AIP has taken to further invest in our company,
which demonstrates their engagement to reach the full potential of our plant.

AIP intends to continue to operate Aluminium Duffel together with the existing local leadership team,
and does not anticipate any disruption to normal operations of the business, including for customers,
suppliers and employees. AIP expects to provide additional capital to support the business going
forward so that it can successfully execute on its business plan, including for working capital,
continued employment and important capital investments.

About Aluminium Duffel: Founded in 1946, with numerous expansions and modernizations since then,
Aluminium Duffel is a leading manufacturer of aluminium rolled products in Europe, specializing in
auto body sheet and a wide variety of industrial products, used primarily in the automotive,
transportation, distribution, and architecture, design construction industries. Aluminium Duffel has up
to 250,000 tons per year of nameplate production capacity, with annual turnover of approximately
€600 million and over 1,000 full-time employees. Located near Antwerp, Belgium, Aluminium Duffel
BV (BE) is the operating company which owns the assets, employs the workforce and does business
with customers and suppliers. Aluminium Duffel is certified against the ASI Performance Standard and
the ASI Chain of Custody Standard, which embody the highest standards of responsible sourcing,
emissions and production quality.

About AIP: AIP is an operationally oriented private equity firm that makes investments in industrial

businesses serving domestic and global markets. The firm has deep roots in the industrial economy

and has been active since 1989. To date, AIP has completed over 100 transactions and currently has

more than $8 billion of assets under management on behalf of leading institutions. Among AIP’s over

25 portfolio companies are Commonwealth Rolled Products, which operates the Lewisport, Kentucky

rolling mill, a leader in aluminum rolled products serving the automotive and industrial markets in the

United States, and Aluminium Dunkerque of Loon-Plage, France, the largest aluminium smelter in

Europe. For more information on AIP, visit

For more information, please contact:
Annelies Lauwers, Communications Aluminium Duffel, Tel +32 15 30 28 66