We are thrilled to announce Aluminium Duffel obtained external electricity from a windfarm in the Belgian North Sea. We have signed a 5-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with a volume of up to 135 gigawatt hours, which is similar to the annual consumption of 40500 families.

Hans Andries, Senior Manager Energy & Risk says the following about the news: “Our company plays a vital role as a producer of aluminium rolled products used in various industries, including automotive and construction. The renewable electricity will be used for our casting, rolling and finishing installations, as well as for the electrically heated furnaces. This agreement marks a significant step forward in our commitment to renewable energy and our ongoing efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.”

By securing this offshore wind PPA, we are not only embracing the future of sustainable energy but also ensuring our organisation’s long-term competitiveness in the evolving energy market.