As a leading global supplier to the automotive industry, Aluminium Duffel provides automakers with light-weight solutions for a sustainable approach to the design and manufacture of cars. As stringent fuel efficiency standards drive automakers across the globe toward lighter materials, aluminium is a terrific solution for reducing vehicle weight and meeting fuel emissions standards.

Product & Capabilities

Aluminium Duffel has been an important supplier of aluminium to premium car manufacturers in Europe as they have embraced greater aluminium use as a means to “lightweight” vehicles and meet increasingly stringent fuel-efficiency standards. In 2002, we opened our first continuous annealing line to provide automotive body sheet to the automotive industry. The expertise we developed producing inner and outer body panels resulted in a monumental investment in automotive capability. In 2013, we strengthened our position with the opening of a fully dedicated automotive facility. With a new wide cold mill and a continuous annealing line, Aluminium Duffel is equipped to produce the widest aluminium sheet available in the industry. The wider material provides automotive manufacturers with greater efficiency and flexibility as they expand aluminium applications to include hoods, roofs, door panels, side panels and trunks.

Our innovation centre uses advanced research and modelling techniques to support automotive customers’ internal R&D and process improvement efforts to help them meet their design, development and manufacturing objectives.