Aluminium Duffel introduces Superlite®200AL1.

Superlite®200AL1 is the all-in-one quality for automotive outer body parts with an all-inclusive performance profile combining excellent surface quality and very good formability.

These properties make Superlite®200AL1 a versatile product that provides solutions for a wide range of refined exterior body panels and closures. Because of its all-purpose characteristic Superlite®200AL1 offers the customer the opportunity to rationalize different product offerings into one, hence saving application and process development costs and enhancing the simplification of administrative processes.

Superlite®200AL1 is produced with renewable electricity, low-carbon prime aluminium and recycled material. By replacing various products by this all-in-one product the customer can sort its scrap material much faster which will enable easier recycling and consequently reduce the overall carbon footprint of the finished product even further.

Aluminium Duffel remains dedicated to advancing sustainability. We are actively working to increase the recycled content of our products. Our goal is to achieve a carbon footprint of 5.0 kg CO2 e/kg aluminium (scope 1+2+3) in 2025 and further reduce it to 3.5 kg CO2 e/kg aluminium (scope 1+2+3) in 2030.