In 2021, 163 customers responded to a survey that was organised in line with ISO requirements on the tracking of customer satisfaction. In addition to a high response rate of 24%, our customers have rated us very positively.

A very high net promotor score of 39 indicates that a large portion of our customers would recommend the purchase of our products and services to other people or companies. Such a high score of 39 is unique for a metals company like ours. A normal score for metal companies would be between -8 and 20.

Our product quality was rated as most important as well as most satisfied by customers in both the automotive and the industrial business segments. Our customers mostly rank us either #1 or #2 in their business.

Overall the survey results tell us that, thanks to the ongoing commitment to the success and continuity of our business by all our employees, we were able to even improve the already high perception of the quality of our products and services despite seriously troubled market conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Donation for Solar Cookers International
For every customer participating in our Customer Satisfaction Survey we made a financial donation in support of the mission of Solar Cookers International. Nearly 3 billion people cook using unsustainable and unhealthy wood and charcoal fires. That translates to 3 in 7 people lacking sustainable fuel to cook meals and make water safe to drink. We are working to change that. Using 1 solar cooker can save around 1 ton of wood per year.

SCI it is the world’s leading advocate and resource for solar cooking solutions. SCI links collaborators in communities, NGOs and agencies in 135+ countries.